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In home care newport beach ca management services deliver the best care for your loved struggling with the complex serious health issues or a medical or health related situation.

We generate and manage a responsive in home care Irvine CA and healthcare network and system and ensure the most reliable treatment and solutions possible.

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Cerna Home Care about Retirement Planning and Meditation for Senior

How in Home Care Helps Senior Citizens:

In the past when people aged, they were more likely to consider selling their homes due to monetary concerns, but now that tends not to be the case.

According to cerna home care, due to the current housing crisis fewer seniors have found success in selling their homes and have instead chosen to take this opportunity to hold on to their homes and embrace the option of in-home care.  


Over the past few years, home care has become one of the preferred options for seniors as they age, with older adults living longer due to medicine and technological advances. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, care giving will become the second fastest growing occupation in the country, with more than 50% growth by 2016.

So as we enter into our elder years and start considering different types of care providers and options, think about where you or your loved one will feel most safe and at home.

Retirement Planning For Senior Citizens:

The senior’s generation has been planning for retirement from some time, but they will be able to afford it.  With the economy still in recovery, many seniors have been forced to put their plans on hold.  According to a recent poll, only 9% of the senior citizen generation says they expect to live comfortably in retirement.

With the 77 million senior citizens that used their homes as an investment, the economy has hit them the hardest.  Housing prices have gone down dramatically in many areas which means that seniors who were looking to sell their homes and make money back on their investment, are now forced to hold onto their property until the housing market rebounds.

It is incredible that close to 75% of those over 45 believe that they will continue working well into retirement. I hope that this statistic will continue to decrease as the stock market continues to climb and economy continues to rebound.

Positive Effects of Meditation for Seniors:

A mind is a terrible thing to waste and as we age, it becomes easier to do so.  According to in home care experts, if we stop stimulating our minds, older adults become susceptible to several diseases such as Alzheimer’s, or other disorders, like ADHD.

However, there is a way to keep our minds stimulated in pursuit of healthy longevity: a brain imaging study at Yale University shows “how people who regularly practice meditation are able to switch off areas of the brain linked to daydreaming, anxiety, schizophrenia and other psychiatric disorders.”

Meditation with cerna home care has many health related benefits including coping with cancer to quitting smoking.  It can put people at ease with themselves and their situation.  One very interesting aspect of the Yale study is that the part of the brain most positively affected by meditation has “been linked to the accumulation of beta amyloid plaques in Alzheimer’s disease.”  In other words, the more individuals meditate, the lower their risk of developing Alzheimer is, according to this study.
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Cerna Home Care Deliver Every day Home Care Palos Verdes

With cerna home care, you are taken care of like family. Even if you absolutely need help around the house for several hours a day or care 24 hours each day every day, we have the proper care assist and program for you or your loved one.

You may sign in to the websites and look at the Care Plan and even every day Care Notes that are entered in by the home care Palos Verdes regularly.

Not all Cerna Care Aides have less than one-year experience, Criminal Background checked, DMV checked, passed and acquired four units in Cognitive Impairment course, have an at least eight hours in house coaching and have a current CPR/First Aid Card.

Call now for the free Needs Assessment. Office: (877) 577-6782

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Home care Palos Verdes concerning Nutritional Regulations for Retirees

Home care Palos Verdes is actually professional and comprehends the numerous ailments plus the type of care required for example Dementia, Alzheimer’s etc. Taking care of anyone with a cognitive impairment requires special tasks. Specialized caring and nursing services for cerna home care can help people to understand more about their routine diet.

With specialized in home care providers like home care Palos Verdes specific types of care – Alzheimer’s Care, Dementia/ Memory Care, Focused Cognitive Stimulation, Physical Stimulation (following the visiting PT program), Blood/ Sugar and Diabetes Management, Therapies, Diet Planning, Parkinson’s Care, Lewy Bodies Care, Stroke Rehabilitation, Cognitive Progressive Monitoring, Fine and Gross Motor Skill Exercises, Balance Exercises and much more.

Adopting healthy behaviors is a type of resolution, however from a several simple eating guidelines advised by cerna home care are able to enable people deal with incontinence.

With cerna’s nursing services, you have access to the top CNA’s, HHA’s, LVN’s and RN’s in the Industry. Whether you work for a Hospital, Skilled Nursing Facility or Care Home, Cerna’s nurses are the very best there is. Every nurse within Cerna Home Care is experienced and has proven to be exceptional in every way. No one can provide better nurturing or comfort for your loved ones than the skilled representatives here at Cerna. The following is a list of the nursing qualifications and features we can provide for you and your family.

Subsequent are the nutritionary guidelines for the elderly people to handle incontinence recommended by the specialists:

Checking fluid intake:

When individuals do not drink enough and become dehydrated, their urine can become concentrated with bladder-irritating salts. Conversely, drinking too much at a time increases the amount of urine and can irritate or overwork a bladder. Some find it helpful to measure and record daily fluid intake, along with incontinence episodes, to help them see patterns and help health care providers monitors their condition.

Raising fiber content:

Eating a high-fiber diet can help avoid constipation. Compacted stool can cause nearby bladder nerves to become overactive, increasing urinary frequency. Insoluble fiber helps move stool and is found in vegetables, wheat bran and other whole grains, nuts, beans and berries. Soluble fibers help to soothe the digestive tract. It is recommended for those who are suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.
Soluble fiber is found in fruits such as apples and oranges, pasta, white bread and potatoes.

Avoiding bladder issues:

For those with bladder control problems, it may be helpful to limit alcohol and caffeine. Both are bladder stimulants and diuretics, which can cause a sudden need to urinate. Even teas and carbonated beverages may contribute to bladder problems. Other known irritants are sugar and artificial sweeteners, corn syrup, spicy foods, and acidic foods such as tomatoes and citrus.

Recent studies and info by cerna home care reveal that zero fat, low sugars and high omega three fatty acids enhance and increase the memory and knowledge of men and women along with cognitive impairments.

Fresh Fish

Nuts and Seeds

Whole Grains



Home care Palos Verdes has been serving the United States for several years and has always been committed to providing the best possible in home care solutions. With Cerna’s highly qualified staff to our impeccable standards, they will always be able to assist you and your loved ones with any need. Please contact one of our staff members at your local office to set up a free assessment today.

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Cerna Home Care Declares New Brand Name and Local Expansion

A home care and nursing Services Company based in Irvine formerly known as Cerna health care, has rebranded as Cerna home care ( The company also announces it has expanded its footprint to include the Greater Dallas area.

Cerna home care is experts in caregivers Orange County for the seniors with injuries and illnesses of the brain. The most requested offering is its Level II service with cognitive and physical stimulation, among other services specifically catering to patients with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Parkinson’s as well as stroke victims.

“Cerna’s services play an important role in maintaining independence for persons with Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders,” said William Rodman Shankle, MD, MS, founder of the Shankle Clinic and a neurological specialist in Alzheimer’s disease and Related Disorders (ADRD). “In addition to providing companion care, they work with each patient to develop a program of mental and physical stimulation that gives individuals a sense of purpose and can improve their abilities.”

Care giving is one of the quickest expanding industries in healthcare, according to several reports. By 2012, there will be more than 40 million Americans over the age of 65, and over 70 million by the year 2030. By that time, 1 out of 5 people in the U.S. will be potential clients for home healthcare.

“Our deeper level of services that go beyond basic home care is spearheading the company to the next level in our growth,” said Chief Executive Officer Nick Payzant. “As we quickly expand beyond Southern California, we had to migrate to a new brand that was clearly different than other healthcare providers, particularly in the western United States.”

Cerna home care has management staff in Irvine and Texas. The company currently provides services in Orange County, Los Angeles, the Inland Empire, North San Diego as well as Dallas.

Cerna home care (caregivers Orange County) provides in-home and onsite care, coordinated care and nursing services. Founded in 2008, Cerna is a leading provider of Level II Home Care services, which includes cognitive and physical stimulation for patients that play an important role in recovery for those returning from a hospital stay, have an impairment due to Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkison’s, and Stroke or suffer from general aging issues.

Cerna home care solutions can be found in places all over Southern California, San Diego and Dallas. To find out more concerning in home care Newport Beach CA visit –

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Home Care Palos Verdes just for Revolutionary Caregiving Services for Aged people

Cerna home care is really a home care as well as nursing care firm providing in home care solutions are now giving their improvized solutions for aged parent’s health. Cerna home care’s caregivers are actually providing improvised and focused on care for those with flexibility difficulties, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Stroke and General Maturing.

The National Alliance for Caregiving released results of a national study among family caregivers who provide care to an individual with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, or age-related mental confusion or forgetfulness. Among the notable results, more than 50 percent make the decision to enlist paid caregiver services. One of the biggest reasons according to the survey that families hire a caregiver is due to feeling highly stressed in caring for their loved one (61 percent).

Home Care Palos Verdes, a home care and nursing Solutions Company in Irvine, which specializes in services for the seniors with injuries and disorders of the brain, has found that enlisting a caregiver not only lessens pressure among the family but also appreciably improves the life of the care individual. Several studies show that people with intellectual problems live longer as well as much healthier existence while being taken care of at home. As the baby boomer generation ages, now more than ever, you should know your options in caring for your loved one if they are facing forms of Dementia and age-related diseases.

Selecting the Right Provider: For those considering to hire a caregiver, Chief Executive Officer of cerna home care, who manages needs assessments and guides families about caregiving, has the following recommendations for those searching for a Caregiving Provider.

Specialty is crucial: Research if the Supplier is an expert and is familiar with distinct diseases and the sort of proper care required (Dementia, Alzheimer’s). Caring for someone with a cognitive impairment requires special tasks. For example, as memory loss increases it is beneficial to establish a routine because it helps the senior feel calm and less agitated. Frequent memory exercises will bolster the memory. A company that can offer different levels of expertise will benefit families as needs change and grow.

Insurance is Important: While a family is often more concerned with the quality of care, taking note of the company’s operations such as if the provider has workers compensation for its employees is important. A credible provider will provide all of the necessary information and proof of paperwork upfront. Caregivers who must engage in physical activity such as assisting patients with moving around report higher incidents of back injury. If there is no insurance, the homeowner is liable for the medical costs.

Staff Assure Top quality: Many agencies seek the services of caregivers as independent contractors on an as-needed basis. This will not allow for the proper training and supervision by the provider of caregivers. Inquire whether caregivers are W2 employees of the company and not contractors.

Create a Care Plan: Before the start of care, ask for a care plan that the company and caregivers are accountable to so that you can ensure goals are met and progress is documented. This can consist of outlining the activities and duties for the caregiver, diet specifications of the patient and any other important information relative to the recipient’s care.

Residence Sessions are crucial in line with Home care Palos Verdes: You should expect the company case manager to carry out house visits on a regular basis to receive feedback on the quality of care being provided. A home visit consists of a meeting with both the patient and family members without the caregiver present. Make sure you have ongoing communication with your provider and the caregiver to ensure a successful partnership.

There are many resources in Orange County where families can find information and support including the cerna home care resource center and the local chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association.

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Cerna Home Care meant for Seniors Stress Free Living

In a perfect world, a lot of would likely enjoy an opportunity to cut unwanted effects of aging, although truthfully it can affect most of us at some point. In accordance with cerna home care people like to stay at a stress free life in his or her retirement living and in home care can guide you to get the slowness in the fast moving society you live with.

In the realm of care and attention giving, caregivers Beverly Hills expert services aim to plan virtually every task to make certain a stress free experience for the aged they serve. However, the most suitable method is likely to be to just decelerate and make easier the activities for the seniors. Furthermore, slow down decrease fear and anxiety. However, in addition it can bring about a more pleasurable experience either way parties the people who are taking care and the seniors.

Rushing and old age do not mix, causing all kinds of tension between seniors and their caregivers. Stiff joints, muscle weakness, aches and pains, fears whatever the reason, old age is, in the natural life cycle, a time for slowing down.

Cerna home care outlined the tips on how to attain “slowness” in our fast-paced community in the old age:

Be realistic about how much time daily tasks will take. Consider small things like getting in and out of a car or climbing up and down stairs. Everything takes time, so it should all be taken into consideration when you are planning your day.

This same idea has to be used on daily activities just like eating, dressing and bathing. Everybody ought to have plenty of time to carry out these tasks. When one is rushed through activities of day-to-day living, it throws the rest of their day off in addition.

Consider natural body rhythms; if the senior you care for is a morning person, then tailor their daily activities and schedule with this in mind.

As for a far more philosophical viewpoint on the way to slowing down, acceptance of a senior’s slower pace is crucial to a stress free outing. Normally, seniors cannot help going more slowly and there is nothing by which it can be changed. If they could, they would. Accepting it, taking a deep breath, and going with the flow even if it is slower than yours are much easier than fighting it. In addition, there is a domino effect: when caregivers relax, the seniors they are caring for do, too.

When it comes to the elderly, some of the most common diagnoses are Alzheimer’s disease and depression as per the cerna home care. Up until recently, most people felt that anxiety disorders declined as people aged, but just the opposite is true. Older adults with an anxiety disorder likely had one when they were younger. Anxiety in older adults returns when stresses and vulnerabilities unique to the aging process become evident: chronic physical problems, cognitive impairment and significant emotional losses.

While it is challenging for caregivers of all individuals to slow down a conscious and serious effort to do so might pay dividends in the end.

When it comes to senior care, there is nothing more comfortable than staying at home according to caregivers Beverly Hills . Not only are the senior people will be able to maintain their independence, but they are also able to age in a familiar place with the belongings they love rather than somewhere foreign and sterile like in home care. In the past when people aged, they were more likely to consider selling their homes due to monetary concerns, but now that tends not to be the case.

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